Thursday, March 27th
Wannabe Luddite

I go through cycles of loving and hating technology. I think the future is bright, but I go through this funk that makes even sitting at a keyboard annoying. The problem is the profession I fell into is Tech Support. Trying to remain positive about peoples reliance on technology while you yourself are looking for ways to delete facebook, use the phone less, hide the ipad and the laptop, turn off the tv and go and ready a book/have a conversation/take a walk can be challenging. It’s not even that this happens on a daily basis. These cycles can last months, until something happens or I get worn down by people around me to get back on facebook, back on facetime and help family members/friends with technology issues.

I’m struggling to find a happy medium.

Monday, November 18th

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John Barrowman at FandomFest 2013 (x)

'Never apologize for being nerdy.'


Thursday, November 7th

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Tuesday, November 5th

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Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez aka Helmo - collaboration with Bonnefrite for Pronomade(s), 2010              Photo Collages

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I’m pretty sure this has been on my blog like 12 different times but I will never not reblog this

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Wednesday, October 2nd

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How to Be Productive
The Mindmap of 35 Habits of the Uber-Productive.


How to Be Productive

The Mindmap of 35 Habits of the Uber-Productive.


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David Lynch on ideas, love, dreams and the Internet as the friend of today’s indie filmmaker.

If you are a fan of David Lynch, this is a must watch: the essential documentaries on Lynch, including Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch (1997), David Lynch: Don’t Look at Me (1989), Lynch (2007), Mysteries of Love (2002), Eraserhead Stories (2001), Jonathan Ross Presents for One Week Only: David Lynch (1990), David Lynch presents: Ruth, Roses and Revolver (BBC Arena 1987), and Scene by Scene: David Lynch (BBC, 1999).

Wednesday, September 25th

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Suddenly I understand: Paris cares about the young. It is young. It is as if Paris is a young heart with an old beat, an old step. There is trust in youth here, like London doesn’t have. London suspects its young. It cripples them. It tells them they cannot have color or digital museums or pop art glory in case they turn on us; riot. Camden is dying; Dalston hates everything. Never got love from a government man. London tolerates these things as if they are improper, refuses to invest in anything new. London is an old pompous heart, frowning at the children that try to frolic at its feet. Paris throws money at this, loves to play, make out, live, and we play only when we have to, have sex just to keep warm, and struggle to Nottingham for Gamecity like crotchety misers. The little lights of videogame culture we have are Wild Rumpus, Hide and Seek, Gamecamp, One Life Left, anything David Hayward can smuggle in, and they are stitched together with love and the hope that one day we will have space and investment for them. London, your soul is tarnished. Are you a place for life? Or for the preservation of a cultureless class whose credit cards invest in paintings produced in an era they will never let happen again? Where are the monoliths built to our artists?
Cara Ellison writes about Paris, London and videogames. This bit just leaped out at me, but the place she ends it in is much more complicated than that. (via wilwheaton)

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Tuesday, September 24th

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Fred McFeely Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003)

I’m gonna reblog this every time.

Fred Rogers Real Actual Guardian of Childhood.

This chokes me up Every. Time. 

I just now realized that when I was a little kid, Mister Rogers built the foundation of Wheaton’s Law in my fragile, eggshell mind.

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Tuesday, September 17th

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Utagawa Yoshitsuya 1822-1866. 

love these…

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